1.6.1 Update Now Available

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1.6.1 Update Now Available

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Dear HighDesigners,

HighDesign 1.6.1 is now available for download. Use the Check for Updates command or go to the downloads page to install it.

The most relevant changes are:
  • Live scrolling and panning. With the "Refresh View while scrolling" preference set, the drawing redraws in real time as you scroll or pan over the project. It can be turned off if it gets too slow with big projects, and it automatically reverts to the old scrolling mode when it detects a long refresh time. However, for most projects it works just fine with no perceivable slowdowns even on old G3 machines. That preference is turned on as you first launch 1.6.1, even if it was off in previous versions. You can then choose to keep it on or off.
    Support for Apple Mighty Mouse. If you have this mouse with the middle round button, you know it can be used to scroll pages and Finder windows both vertically and horizontally. Well, now you can scroll in both directions in HighDesign too! Just hold down the Shift key and roll the button to activate scrolling. With no modifier key down, it acts as before to zoom in and out.
    Improved DXF import and compatibility. The DXF translator is now less strict regarding the formatting of DXF files and is now able of reading files with a slightly incorrect formatting. This opens HighDesign compatibility to a number of PC-based CAD/CAM software products. Support for HATCH objects is much improved too, as well as linetypes and text encodings.
This version also fixes a problem with some serial numbers that were not accepted by version 1.6.0. We are sorry for any inconvenience. HighDesign 1.6.0 and 1.6.1 are FREE updates.

For the full list of changes and fixes, see this page.
Andrea Suraci
ILEXSOFT - Look Ahead

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