Version 1.3.1 beta 1

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Version 1.3.1 beta 1

Post by Andrew »

We've uploaded a beta of version 1.3.1. Since this beta fixes many issues with DXF import, we thought it was worth making it public for anyone who is having difficulties importing drawings.
The major issues were with blocks created in AutoCAD and text rotation.

The link to the Beta downloads is ... -131b1.sit.

These are the complete release notes for beta 1:
1.3.1b1 July 28, 2004
  • - The standard toolbar button on OS X now works properly.
    - Symbol settings window: deleting a view out of a symbol no longer shows a message with the wrong encoding.
    - Symbol settings window: setting the "Use Symbol Colors" and "Fills as Background" properties now applies correctly.
    - Organize > Select Current Layer no longer applies to locked layers.
    - Find... no longer applies to locked layers.
    - Drawing Manager.Hatches: duplicate hatch no longer causes internal errors.
    - Corrected the spelling of "Acknowledgements" in the About Box.
    - Organize menu, sheets: Transfer To and Duplicate To are now enabled only if there are selected items.
    - DXF import: multiline texts now get the correct rotation angle
    - DXF import: multiline texts get the correct reference rectangle width even if not set in the file.
    - DXF import: multiline texts now honor the attachment point property.
    - DXF import: hatches now get their spacing according to the drawing scale.
    - DXF import: linear dimensions no longer are erroneously set as aligned under certain conditions.
    - DXF import: hatch patterns are now interpreted more correctly.
    - Undo/Redo Scale commands no longer activate the "Suspend Undo" option.
    - Moving items with Undo suspended caused an ID03 error.
    - Undo/Redo Scale now properly resets the number of selected items.
    - DXF import: added support for angular dimensions.
    - DXF import: improved support for blocks.
    - DXF import: layer names are now imported with the correct text encoding.
    - Text tool: the input field now properly resizes when entering new text.
    - Text blocks are displayed as solid rectangles when scaled down to very small sizes.
    - DXF import: TEXT entities now get the correct block height, even with small text sizes.
    - (CHG) DXF import: penweights settings are ignored.
    - DXF import: linetypes are now interpreted more accurately.
    - Dashed arcs, freehand and bezier now redraw faster.
    - Faster DXF import.
    - The default hatch list no longer includes duplicate items.

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