HighDesign 2017 R2 Now Available

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HighDesign 2017 R2 Now Available

Post by Andrew »

HighDesign 2017 Release 2 is now available! This new version focuses on project documentation and improves the workflow with a clearer organization of the tools, now grouped by function: selection, sketch, documentation, design and view. This change also includes the introduction of a new dedicated Annotation tool alongside the Text and Dimension tools. Annotations can now be associated to a parent element and offer more customization and editing options for greater flexibility.

Major new features and improvements in R2:
  • Tools: clearer organization of tools in groups: Select, Sketch, Documentation, Design, View.
  • Improved UI of dark theme.
  • New mid-point alignment finds and snaps to the middle point between two datum points.
  • [Standard/Pro] Sheet Units: added options for the suppression of leading and trailing zeros.
  • The project window now shows a document loading progress in the status bar.
  • Improved readability of the quick dimensions that are visibile during the construction of elements.
  • Annotations: added new tool in the main toolbar.
  • Annotations: new leader types (none, curve, arc).
  • [Standard/Pro] Annotations: implemented associative behaviour.
  • Annotations: added ability to rotate the label and modify the geometry of the leader line.
  • Unified the interface of options dialogs like Multiply, Polar Multiply, Rotate by Angle, Resize, Divide in Parts.
  • Miscellaneous speed improvements.
  • Project Properties: added new option "Include Symbols in Document". With this options, any custom symbols inserted in the project are saved in the document instead of being referenced to a file on disk.
  • Improved localization of many windows.
The complete list of improvements in HighDesign 2017 Release 2 can be found in the release notes. Download it now!

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