If you would like to see a feature implemented in HighDesign please post your suggestions and requests here.
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This program is great. I am currently using it to design houses and it generally fits the need. But it has some characteristics that are causing me a lot of rework. Reading the guide does not provide enough help - it just a high level overview. Right now, it seems to be learn by trial and error.

So, my #1 suggestion is to provide comprehensive training on all of the features of the software. Either video, or maybe a more prescriptive manual for each of the functions. A more prescriptive manual might be best.

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Re: Suggestion(s)

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Thanks for your comment, videos are the top requested items regarding help & documentation. We intend to expand the existing documentation with short videos on our YouTube channel, covering the chapters of the manual.

For more in-depth articles on specific features, you can visit our blog. The latest articles focused on styles and types.

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