HighDesign simple forget where is the working file

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HighDesign simple forget where is the working file

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:( Hello,

I am trying to understand what the application is doing but it seems a issue that can create a huge problem.
Let me explain, in my backup application I run a routine to automatically and frequently backup my current projects folder.

1 - I have selected "Save every..." to 5 min. select "Backup previous version".
2 - My projects files are in another partition in my disc.
3 - My user folder in other disc partition
4 - My disc is formatted with a APFS container with AFPS Volumes user folders, system and files.
5 - On both volumes for files and Users (folders) I do not tick "Ignore ownership..."
6 - I am working with the R6 trial in the new system user (no admin privileges) created to test HighDesign.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014)
2.5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

After some time of working in the project when I go to File > Save HD ask me where to save the file and shows the exact same name as the working project.

First times HD do remember where the file is, the File > Save do save immediately the file but after some time it forgets.
If I save the file in desktop It seems that this problem does not happen, just happen when working in another volume.

HighDesign R6 do forget where the working file is located.
The huge problem is when the backup routine is pointed to the original location of the current file so is backing up an old file.

Something seems to be wrong and I would like to find a solution to work from my current project folder location.

Also sometimes HD does not complete to open project files and immediately close the file.

I will update the post if I detect other problems.

Are you getting any issues like this ?


After drawing the stairs and handrail I get a error report that I´ve send. (IP from country CV)
Every time I tried to save the file I get the error report. The file become corrupted and just backup was good, but it was from the last manual save, so I lost the stairs handrail.

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