Corrupted user library.

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Corrupted user library.

Post by cdesign »

I am testing HighDesign_R6.5_2022.1.3_2016 and since yesterday overtime I want to use the walls tool and go select the user library the application quits.
I already restart my MacBook pro but HD keeps doing the same even with a new file.
Is there any way to clean and reinstall the application and keep using the trial period ?
Thanks a lot.

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Re: Corrupted user library.

Post by Andrew »

It would seem that your Wall Types library contains a damaged item that causes the crash. It would help a lot if you sent the crash log to support @

To isolate the problematic item, try the following:
1. Open Preferences and in the "Support Folder" section press the Show button
2. In the Finder, locate the Types/Walls folder and move its contents to another folder on your drive.
3. In HighDesign, try opening the Wall Types library and see if everything runs normally.
4. Add one wall type at a time from the other folder back to the Support Folder/Types/Walls folder.

Repeat steps 3 and 4.

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