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Website Updates

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In the last couple of weeks we have been working on our website to improve its usability and address some situations.

Immediately after we released HighDesign R8, our blog was hacked and compromised. We have since rebuilt our blog in a different, more secure structure, but the old posts are currently offline. We will add them back as soon as possible.
The URL has changed, please update your bookmarks to point to

We upgraded the security measures on the User Forum. New registrations had to be suspended for a few days and are now back online.

Help & Documentation
The new and expanded documentation site is online at We added the documentation for all the new features in R8, completely revised and expanded the older articles and redesigned the structure of the User Guide to be more accessible and easier to search.
The localizations are being rebuilt, with English and German 100% complete, Italian and French in progress. We also added Spanish which will be completed later.

Also, new video tutorials are going to be posted on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to be notified of the new releases.

Let us know what you think or if you feel that some documentation articles could be improved. As always, we value your feedback greatly!

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