Trouble opening High design

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Trouble opening High design

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I use my 1.8.7 copy of High Design infrequently since I retired and no longer need it for my employment. I do, once in a while though, like to fire it up in order to keep in practice and deal with a layout of some kind for the workshop or miscellaneous other uses.

I just tried to use it a few days ago and on startup it quickly flashes through a momentary display of half a dozen of my more recent projects and then quits and produces a "High Design quit unexpectedly" report with a long list of code.This happens every time whether I try to just start the program itself or if I try to open up a saved project or one of my sheet layout templates.

Would be very grateful if any one can offer any thoughts on what might be causing this and any possible solutions.

Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can give in this matter.

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