Feature highlight: schedules

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Feature highlight: schedules

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Feature highlight: schedules

A new feature in HighDesign R8, schedules help streamline the design process by optimizing resource allocation and reducing costs.

HighDesign R8 Pro introduced interactive schedules, a project item that creates automatic lists and quantities of the elements in a project and greatly improve your control over the project and its overall efficiency.

Normally found only in Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, schedules have become an essential part of the design process because of the increased requirements of cost, resource allocation and energy optimizations.

What is a Schedule in Architecture?
A schedule is an organized table that displays information about the elements in a project, extracted in real time and organized according to the specified parameters. For example, a schedule can list all the doors in a project organized by type and show their quantities, or list the walls on a specific layer along with their total length, surface and volume.

Schedules are a very powerful way of constantly reviewing the project as the analyzed data are always up to date and the sums and other calculations are computed in real time.


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